How To Make Your Photos Look Like A Painting Using Only 1 App

Enlight was put into my favorite app folder after using it only once. There are countless ways to use Enlight. Creating memes, adding text, and blending photos are a few. The painting filters are my favorite feature though. 

Here’s how to give your photos a painterly look:

1. Select a photo you want to edit from your camera roll. 

2. Click on the 3 horizontal lines at the top right hand of the screen to bring up your editing tools. 

3. Select the Artistic option and then chose Painting. 

4. Now the fun begins! There are many variations in the painting styles you can choose from. I picked Trefoil and left it at 100%. You can decrease the paint intensity by sliding your finger to the left. 

5. I want the photo to have a less painterly look in certain spots, such as the trees, to give them more definition. Tapping the Mask tab at the bottom will bring up tools to “wipe” the paint off in particular areas.  

6. Selecting the Tools tab at the bottom will bring up options to change saturation, contrast, hue, lighting, textures, and more. You can increase these options by sliding your finger to the right or decrease by sliding to the left. I added even more texture by choosing a filter from the Surface category. I also decreased the Contrast and increased the Saturation slightly in Basic. Click the check at the top right to accept the changes and then save your new work of art!

Thank you to Enlight for sponsoring this post! You can check out more Enlight edits and tutorials on their Instagram and  Website. Leave a comment if you enjoyed this tutorial or have any questions about using Enlight. 



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  1. artsvdo says:

    Awesome! Thank you!

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    1. @misvincent says:

      Happy you enjoyed it!


  2. Anonymous says:

    Great insight on this application, thanks Melissa!

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    1. @misvincent says:

      Happy you enjoyed!


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