Disney World Top 10 Tips 

IMG_4755Hi, it’s Melissa! This is my first post, so I thought I would start with my top ten visit Disney tips since I just returned from a 5 day trip from Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL.

  1. Try to go during low to moderate crowds. Do everything you can to make this happen.  I would say this is the number one important tip for an enjoyable Disney vacation. Check out this crowd calendar for dates.
  2. Don’t fall into the magic hour trap of going to the park for the extra hour open only to those staying at a Disney hotel. The park with the extra time is usually the most crowded of the parks for that particular day.
  3. Be at the park when it opens and then leave after several hours to go back and swim or nap at your hotel. The parks have the lowest crowds the first 3 hours after opening and the last 3 before closing.
  4. It’s not necessary to buy the park hopper option. I like to visit Disney World for 5 days. One day at each of the 4 parks is plenty and then you have an extra day to visit the one you enjoyed the most on the 5th day.
  5. Download the Disney app to select Fast Passes for the day, find the experiences you don’t want to miss, check wait times for rides, and more. I watched the wait times for the attractions periodically for about a week before I went. Gathering this info let me know which rides in what parks had the longest waits. I visited these attractions first thing in the morning when the wait times were the lowest.
  6. Bring water and snacks in a little backpack each day. This is a lifesaver. It saves tons of money and you don’t have to miss rides because you’re standing in line for water or food. Things I enjoyed having in my pack were: little cuties, apples, grapes in small tupperware, chex mix, KIND bars, granola, nuts, chips/prezels, and candy. You can eat lunch when you go back to the hotel for a swim/rest midday.
  7. Wear comfortable shoes. You will walk A LOT. I think the average person walks around 7 miles per day at Disney World.
  8. Wear sunscreen and sunglasses. I enjoyed having a hat too.
  9. Bring a travel battery charger for your phone.
  10. Instagram and Snapchat it all! 🙂

Hope y’all enjoyed my first post. I will be sharing more tips on everything from getting the most out of your trips (next up Wizarding World of Harry Potter!) to app tutorials for making art on your iPhone, and anything else I am creating or discovering. Leave a comment if you have an awesome Disney tip. I’d love to hear it!


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